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INK21 - Special Effect We have a WINNER!

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Here are some supplies you will need for this challenge.

white glossy card stock and/or yupo paper - yupo works a little better but if you don't have it the glossy cs will be fine

Isopropyl alcohol 91% or blending solution
small paint brush
alcohol inks
foiling paper - optional (only need a small piece)

Here is what you do for this challenge. I saw this technique and I have not seen this before and it does make a special effect on your alcohol inked background. First you need to ink up your background with any colors of alcohol ink. You may sponge on your ink, drop the ink and move it around, etc. make your background they way you like the most. Next pour a little alcohol or blending solution in a cup, dip your brush into the alcohol and then tap your brush in dots all the way down your card in a row. Keep making dotted rows over the whole card. You can see what I mean in the backgrounds below. This is optional, but if you have foiling paper, place the foil over the background when the alcohol is still tacky. Press the paper with your hand and then pull off the foil. Foil will be left on the tacky areas to add shimmer. Just a heads up. If you are adding foil, remember to place the dull side of the foil onto the card. It won't work if you lay the shiny side down onto the card. After you make your backgrounds, please make a card with one of them and please use at least one stamp on your card. Load your card in the gallery under Inktoberfest 2021 with the heading of INK21 Special Effect. Please link it to this post so that we will not miss it. I will give an RAK to a randomly chosen person. Have fun!


my backgrounds -

my card -

I hope the 91% alcohol is easier to find now. I ran out during the pandemic and it was sold out everywhere. I will take a look at cvs. Thanks for posting the supply list ahead.

Heidi, you could use blending solution if you have it. That might be easier to find too! LOL!


Thanks I think I have it all :)

Canadian, eh:
Ive got all the supplies.  I'm intrigued!


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