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This technique is one that should look different every time you try it, I have not had a chance to try it out yet, I was getting birthday cards finished so I didn't have to worry about that during this week.

I have a link for you with a written tutorial on how to do the technique.  She suggests a thick tacky type glue but if you don't have it she said any glue should work.  Ink up a background, add glue in some areas, let dry and ink over.  I would like you to make a card from your background and would like to see you use a stamp with it too.

Please come back here and share your make and let us know what kind of glue you used.

Here is the link:

Use Ink21 - Glue and ink when posting.

I will have a RAK from a random draw.

Let me know if I forgot anything or if you have a question!

This looks like a very neat technique. But a messy one, lol.

Thanks for hosting!

Thanks for the link Connie.  It looks pretty neat.  I'm thinking about glue ....
This will be a good one to start a bit early so glue can dry (especially in FL).

I have two pieces drying.
My Aleene's Tacky Glue was so old!  I took the top off and squeezed and a big, thick, sticky, gooey rope of glue came out.  I was going to throw it away, but decided it was just the thing to add texture!  I should throw the rest of the bottle out, but I think I will keep it until after I see how my card turns out, in case I need to make another!

Oh that stinks Cindi, hope they will work for you even with the glue being a bit gooey, I sure hope mine is in decent shape, you are right I should probably do that first so it has time to dry.
I don't know if I will get to anything before tomorrow afternoon.


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