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Christmas All Year - October 2021

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October’s challenge should be pretty easy.
Use heat embossing.  Anywhere.

Have fun watching that powder melt ;)

Sounds good :)

i added four cards.  Easy to do since I emboss everything!
I think I have enough cards made for the holidays, but we will see.

I made 2 cards. I have enough for this Christmas, but will still make a few more to have more choices!

April :smile:

Another down to the wire but I have a couple done, need to post my zoom card and a couple more I have planned

This first one a friend gave me the background that had embossed background and Alcohol inks, I added the sparkle embossing powder on top and the snowflakes

I can't remember what I used to make this background, I think they were powder bursts or metallic ones


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