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Gesso cracks?

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I believe the dimension I was talking about was with pastes.
I have used guesso to cover up or as a base, as a resist, stamping so it looks like it is in the background and that gives dimension where there isn't any.

Far North:
Melissa your journal is already successful in being a great hands on learning experience! Learning how products work together is so helpful when you want to play with several different media on a single page.  I think Sadie has already shared the mantra of "wait for your current work to dry before moving on".  Some products bubble when heat set...but otherwise it is generally okay to use the heat gun to dry your work.

A couple other bits of info...because of distress inks water soluble properties it will allow you to emboss up to 10-15 minutes...far longer than other inks but messy if some areas you don't want embossed are still "wet".

  If you are going to watercolor or do watercolor techniques you may not want to gesso the paper. Watercolor paper absorbs the color to showcase the features of watercolor while the gesso forms a barrier against wetness going into the paper. This may alter your anticipant results with the watercolor.

Gesso is a resist to some paints and inks.

Thanks Yankee for you tips and suggestions!  I went to go look at the page withe the cracked gesso and since I added punch-outs to it and then painted over the entire page with super-heavy gel and the used spray mist onto of that, I cannot see the cracks!  I may had covered them up with the punch-outs….but I do know that one area that DID crack was as you say---over the heat embossed area I was trying to cover up.  I'll have to do the experiment you suggested and see what happens!

Jan, that is the one thing I am trying to learn….wait until it dries before moving on…..   :(  SOmetimes I do one thing and want to go on, but can't since it's wet and I have to move it aside…the kid in me sadly sees me set it aside to continue another time.    Thanks for the tips as well…I will try to remember them and you are right---my journal is accomplishing what I wanted it to do: to be a place to learn about the products and different techniques etc! 


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