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Stenciling on clothing


Far North:
Wendy Vecchi had a fun blog post today sharing how she stenciled on blue jeans...fun idea!

Oh boy, Jan! Does Wendy's project take me back to the '80s when I made (& taught) 'Wearable Art'. TFS, pal!

I/we mostly worked on tee & sweat shirts, but jeans were cool, too. Wendy was fortunate to find jeans with the 'white blanks', but you could make your own blanks by using regular craft paint. Just make a shape stencil & use the paint to cover the jean's original color. Then you can do what Wendy did with her archival ink(s). Don't have archival inks? 'Sok. You can use craft paint in its place. It too will survive laundering.

Wonder if Wendy will do any stencil/stamp projects on tee shirts? ;D

Very fun!  I think you could get the look of the other areas that were already there by stenciling onto a regular wash jean. 

Very cool Jan!  Thanks for sharing the link!  This makes me want to try it!  I like how her results look like the were "meant to be" from the manufacturer!

Far North:
I think it would be fun to make a wearable item for when I attend classes/ gatherings of artsy folks.  I thinkin' on it!


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