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Well, here is an "old" "new" idea........


I receive a newsletter from Fire Mountain Gems because I order jewels there and in this weeks newsletter there was an artist highlight that is totally not my cup of tea but I just had to share it here.  Link to article here.

I might mention that the part of the article that I find interesting is the materials she uses to make jewelry......Look under the question; What medium do you work with mostly?  I remember my grandmother had pictures using real human hair behind glass in frames on her wall that came from some relative in Norway, and I kind of found that creepy.  I do not think that I could wear jewelry that someone made from human hair.  I most certainly wouldn't make jewelry out of my own hair even though I could probably clean enough out of my brush after I wash my hair and brush it out for a necklace.  The picture that she submitted is made from her own hair and she says most of her inventory is made from hair extensions.  Now this is what I call mixed media jewelry.........

Oh my! I am not sure I have much to comment on that (but it isn't going to stop me  #> ). Is the rosary pictured made with hair?  If it is, I wouldn't know it.

Creepy!!   #>


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