Author Topic: I got out of the house ... my finds at Joann's and Barnes & Noble.  (Read 524 times)

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I have a love/hate relationship with Joann Fabric, mostly hate.  I rarely go anymore.  I have hardly been out of the house but today I just wanted to get out for a bit.   I stopped at Barnes & Noble, Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Store and Joann's.  I wore a mask and disinfected my hands between stops.

Joann's was one of my stops because I just got a flyer in the mail that said up to 90% off paper crafting.  Ahh, one of my hates ... "up to" 90% off meant there were 30% off paper crafting signs on all of the regular priced items, so you couldn't even use a 40% off coupon.  The only things I saw with red clearance stickers were a few Heidi Swap things.  BUT, I ventured to the back of the store where they hide most of the clearance items.  I had to dig, but I found some goodies!  Two large wooden, Hero Arts background stamps that are around $12.99 online, now on clearance, then 30% off red tagged paper craft clearance ... bringing them to $2.98!  I also got a few HA Stamp & Cut sets for around $5.  Yep, the miserable assistant manager walked by while I was on my knees rummaging through wood stamps thrown in a bin on the bottom shelf.  I said "hello", she didn't even mutter.  She once chastised me for wearing flip flops that were "too quiet" when we both came around an aisle and nearly collided.  I apologized right away, she laid blame on my footwear right away.  And she's a manager.  Great people skills.  Oh, and one stamp set rang up more than the red clearance tag instead of 30% off ... another of my problems with J's.  Be aware at the cash register.

So it looks like our local J's will not be carrying wood stamps any longer? 

All good.  Now I don't need to go to J's for another year or so.  Each time I go I'm reminded why I hate it ... but at least today the deals were worth it.  I hope your Joann's is better than mine.

If you're up to the challenge ... check out Joann's clearance bins.  Also check the art supply section.  I didn't buy anything today, but it was 25% off red tagged clearance in art supplies.

At B&N I splurged on a few magazines.  I asked if they discounted old magazines, one was from Jan 2020 ... the clerked laughed and said they are ALL old!  I had called a few months ago when they had curbside pick up only and they said they weren't getting magazine deliveries.  She said a few of the magazines are just starting to get delivered again.  I was hoping to maybe sit for a minute and browse ... but they were testing the fire alarms!  Not relaxing!  I wanted to buy Creative Scrapbooker to see if I like it.  They were offering subscription packages on Stamp and Scrapbook Expo's FB live event.  I got an issue they said is sold out almost everywhere that has a lot of cards in it.  I also bought two stamping magazines that came with really nice freebies.  Worth the price of the mag.  One had a large floral set of Pink Fresh studio stamps the other a die, stamp and embossing folder set with a bookcase and cat image.  I never buy 3 magazines at once!!  I told myself I now need to give some away ... Maybe it's a psych thing?  Fear that B&N will close again?  I'll never be able to buy another magazine?  I don't know, but I did it and I'm looking forward to reading them and playing with the freebies.

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Re: I got out of the house ... my finds at Joann's and Barnes & Noble.
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2020, 09:43:16 PM »
I think we will have to venture out to Barnes and Nobles this weekend, our store is now open and I would like to check out their magazines.  I ventured over to Hobby Lobby on Monday and got another die and some paper and a container to try and keep all my Christmas supplies together in one area.

I still have not been to JoAnns, ours doesn't sound quite as bad as yours though, that is a shame when the assistant manager is that bad, doesn't help with the experience.  Glad that you were able to get some good deals anyway!

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Re: I got out of the house ... my finds at Joann's and Barnes & Noble.
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2020, 08:26:25 AM »
I went to a Joann last fall, but it is sortof out of my area. I was waiting to pick up DS from something (canít remember what).  Anyhow, I was very surprised how nice, bright and clean this Joann is!  Way nicer than the store that is close to me.  And I liked their selection of paper craft stuff!

however, I think Joannís issues with sales and coupons is well known!  That is really silly that she thought you were too quiet in your flip flops. 

I never go to B and N but I would like to browse magazines.  AC Moore had them but they are closed now.