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Terms of Service for Duhn Productions Discussion Forum
« on: August 12, 2007, 02:06:00 PM »
0. The rules are subject to amendment at the Administration's discretion as issues arise.

1. No threats.  Respect each other.  Comment on the post not the poster. 

2. Anyone who posts someone’s personal information on this board will be banned and, if necessary, reported to authorities.   

3. No posting of pornographic materials of any kind.

4. No multiple posts repeating the same information. 

5. Try to keep on topic, please! If your response appears to constitute a legitimate different topic, create one, else administration gets a job to split threads, and doing so may fail to succeed on leaving every poster happy.

6. Please understand that private messaging is NOT actually private by its NATURE. Albeit this is not supposed to happen in normal course of events, there is a possibility of reading those messages by indefinite range of culprits, e.g. girlfriends of rogue host company employees. Do NOT use pm to communicate sensitive information of any kind.  In particular, when you need to pass such info to administration, do not include in pm more than general description; you will be told where to e-mail sensitive data.