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Quickie Glue Pen
« on: August 11, 2020, 12:37:48 PM »
I have a tip of the day :

TIP 1:

Do not microwave your quickie glue pen for 15 seconds!  Ha!  That is way too long.  The glue bubbled out all over the glass tray in the bottom of my microwave.  Now my pen is empty.  Luckily the tray was there and I wiped up the glue pretty easily with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, then washed it.

Last night I had a sentiment that did not stamp completely, but I had stamped with Versamark and sprinkled with embossing powder, so there was no way to know, until the EP was on it.  I wanted to fill in the missing spot with a glue pen but my pen was not working.  I could see plenty of glue in it.

I searched the internet for a way to reactivate my glue pen.  I tried rubbing alcohol, but it didn't work for me ... maybe if I soaked the tip?  I just rubbed it with an alcohol wipe, and scribbled across an alcohol wipe.

Ahhh, TIP 2:

Do not leave an alcohol wipe sitting on copy paper that has stamping on it!  It transferred ink to my kitchen table.  Ugh!
Rubbing alcohol alone would not take the ink off.  I scrubbed with bar keepers friend, and now it looks good.


If your quickie glue pen binds up.  Go buy a new one!  I think they are only $2-$3. 
Although, I now have a clean microwave and a clean kitchen table!
I did read that it should be stored tip UP.  I don't remember how mine was stored. 

Do you have any solutions to revive a dead Quickie Glue Pen?

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Re: Quickie Glue Pen
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2020, 03:40:40 PM »
Oh wow, so far mine hasn't clogged up but I guess I am storing one of them wrong because I have it in my drawer laying down.
At first I thought you were going to say your whole glass was ruined in your microwave, glad it all eventually cleaned up well.