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Adding Extras to Gallery Project Description
« on: August 10, 2014, 02:36:51 PM »
Posting an image or link in a Gallery description:
There is BB code that can be used with Coppermine which is the software that runs our Gallery.  If you click on the question mark next to File Description this BB code pops up in a window.  So you take what you want to use and replace parts of this code with your desired text.

BBCode help
You can add clickable links and some formatting to this field by using BBCode tags:
•  Bold => Bold
•  Italic => Italic
•  Url Text => Url Text
• =>
•  some text => some text
•   =>
The bold and italic make the text you put between the open and close either bold or italic.  

For the url you put the url you want to make a clickable link between the open and close like this:
This:    Url Text  becomes this:
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To place an image use this BB code:

This is how I got a second picture to show up in my nontraditional wedding card.   This picture you put a link to has to already be online somewhere, you can’t link a picture from your computer.

This is how you add extra things to your picture description like a link or another image under your project.

This forum also runs on BB code so to see the actual instructions you will need to open the Word Document attached to this post.

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Re: Adding Extras to Gallery Project Description
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Thank you!