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Re: April ATC swap sign up!
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When I first viewed Nerd's ATC, I thot she had impressed a pattern into the spackle before inlaying her tiles. Turns out I was wrong (happens  ::)), but it gave me an idea for a way to tackle other 'tile' jobs where I want the grout to be as dimensional as the stamped tiles without using embossing pastes, gesso, spackle, etc.

If I made & arranged my tiles (paper/CS) on my base & outlined them, I could run the base thru an embossing folder & then cut out the tile openings. Then I could glue the grout to a base & inlay the glazed tiles. NOTE! This is an idea that needs experimenting with--not a 'this is how to do it'.  ;)

Glad I could give you ideas, Daniel.

Heidi - I agree with what everybody has said in response to your comment about your ATC being simple.

Sarah, love your ATC and your colored "grout".  I'm surprised the tiles wouldn't stick in it, but you accomplished a good save!  Good idea to use Pitt pens to color, I guess so the color would stay permanent under the glaze?  It worked!
Thanks and yep - I used the Pitt pens because they are waterproof.  As for the spackle, it is a very crumbly spackle (I add water to get it to a spreadable consistency for craft project), so it is not very sticky.  The texture is rougher that modeling paste.  And the tiles may have stuck but I just wasn't confident that they wouldn't fall off.