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Favorites in the gallery.
« on: January 06, 2016, 10:55:50 AM »
In the gallery someone said (Canadian Eh) they wished they could pin a card.  If you meant for Piterest you need to install the Pin it app for that.  If you just want to add a card in the gallery to your favorites in the gallery you can do that.  Open up the file information on the card in the gallery by looking at the menu on top of the picture, there is one that looks like a letter, click it to open the file information.  Then look under the picture and there will be a "Favorites" menu at the bottom of the file information, "add to favorites" is after that, click it and it adds that card to your favorites. 

To get to your favorites in the gallery to look at the pictures you have added: at the very top of the gallery there is a menu and one of the menu items is "My Favorites".  Click this and it will take you to those pictures you have put into "Add to my Favorites".  Simple and easy to keep track of anything in the gallery you want easy access to later.

Any other questions?  Ask them and I will try and answer.....

Just for the heck of it here are the directions to pin to pinterest.

To Pin from the web within the Pinterest app:

1.From your profile, tap the + button.
2.Tap Web, add the site's address in the address bar, and tap Go.
3.Tap Pin It and pick your image you want to add.
4.Add a description and choose which board to Pin to.
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