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Talking to a stamp mfr.

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While it's way too early to know what the outcome will be, I wanted to let those who've been urging me to get my drawings turned into stamps,that I've taken the first step.
Can't say who but many of you would know the company.
I'm being careful. I decided to show them that snowman I did recently as a CASE.
It's a nicely simple image with lots of potential.
In fact I remembered that many years ago I wanted to do a year of snowman figures using Styrofoam. Why not do them as stamps in stead? Input welcome.
Speaking of input... Anyone who wants could assist me by looking at drawings I have in the gallery & letting me know they'd like them to be stamp.
I do ask that we keep what I'm sharing just between us

OK! An update. Mfr & I are still negotiating.  That's good.
They like the snowman but see it as limited to winter/holidays.  They're not ready to sign on to my 'calender of snowmen' concept.
That's where you--my AI friends come in.
Look at the original snowman. Now imagine him as uncle Sam for July. A witch on a snow shovel for Oct. Flying a kite in windy Mar. Get the idea?
Would you buy any of them?
Please let me hear your feedback on this.
You could be my proof of concept.

Congratulations for putting yourself out there!

I know there is a market for winter images in a summer setting (aka Santa at the beach).  I think the snowman in 4 seasons is an eclectic idea, but would be fun.  If there were really cute, fun sayings to go along with the off-season stamps, that would probably push me over the edge to purchase that kind of stamp. KWIM?

Another choice of your drawings for monthly stamps would be the sweet angel in the top center.  I think that is a really cute one and definitely could be done for each month.  Again, I think really cute, original or punny sayings are really in style right now because people are looking for something different.  Just my suggestions!

WTG Heidi!! Your input is exactly what I'm looking for!
You've given me lots to work with.
Cute as I think the little snowman is I can give the year round ones lots of personality

Heard back from mfr.
They definitely like my style & want to see what I can do.
Like many stamp companies their sales are sluggish.
The job for designers is to create designs that have stampers saying "I NEED those stamps!"
Simple  ;D
Lucky me. I have 2 things in my arsenal.
Ability to do cute > odd (aka 'range')
A sounding board--all y'all
Got my work cut out for me.
Hooray for the challenge!


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