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WF20 Adding Depth to your Stencil--WINNER ANNOUCED

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Canadian, eh:
I'm excited to host my first challenge.  Let's have some fun!  Please do not combine another challenge with this one.

A Colorful Life Designs is sponsoring my challenge with a $10 credit towards your purchase at A Colorful Life Designs.

My challenge to you is to create two backgrounds using a technique that I developed.  The tutorial I made can be found at Sunflowers and Dragonflies


I am adding a twist to this challenge:  you will get one ballot for completing two backgrounds and an extra ballot if you turn one background into a finished card.

Please link your finished work in the gallery and leave a comment on this thread stating you have a card in the gallery.  Don't forget to come back with a link to your finished card too.

This is a technique that I developed


1.  Using tacky spray, tack your stencil down on cardstock.  If you do not have tacky spray, use a method that works for you.
2.  Sponge colour over your entire stencil.
3.  Lift off stencil and cut to size.
4.  Using a fine-tipped marker, draw lines along the inside, or outside, of the area you want to highlight or place shadow.  It is very important that you stay consistent with the placement of your lines.  Use a coordinating colour of marker when drawing lines.

I loved this technique idea when I saw it on your blog because it doesnít look too hard to do, but it adds a whole bunch to the background!  Your samples are wonderful.  Two very different stencils but work wonderfully.   You also have a way with color and the stencils. I usually am not brave enough to use that many colors.

It is very generous of A Colorful Life to sponsor this challenge.  I had heard of Technique Junkies, but I did not know that A Colorful Life was where they got their stencils.  I do plan to have a nice look around their store.  I feel that most of the stencils available in brick and mortar stores are not great for cardmaking, so it is nice to have a good online source.

Also, I am in the market for the Pixie Spray.  Since I was working the last stamp show I went to, I didnít have a lot of time to look around, or I think I would have purchased it.  That stamp show is not returning to my town this year as they had very bad attendance last year. 

Thank you very much for hosting!

Canadian, eh:
Thanks for nudging me to host this challenge.  I'm so glad you were inspired, Heidi.

Your samples are beautiful! I love working with stencils and this is a technique that I have not done! can't wait to try it.

April :smile:

I too thought it was very neat on your blog but I am intimidated because I am very bad with knowing where shadows should be, but will give it a try, this might be one hubby will have to help me with, LOL.


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