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WF 20 Bingo -- WINNER ANNOUNCED !!!!!

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Here is the list of BINGO words. Please choose 10 words from this list and pm me with your list. We will start on Saturday. I will post 3 words form the major list each day. If you have any of the words on your list, cross them off. Whenever you have crossed off all your words on your list - post BINGO here on this post. The first to post BINGO will win an RAK! I will also have a BINGO TWIST on Tuesday, so stay tuned!

April :smile:

Things in the sky ---

1.   airplane
2.   bird
3.   clouds
4.   blimp
5.   glider
6.   kite
7.   insect
8.   parachute
9.   rain
10. rainbow
11. helicopter
12. hot air balloon
13. parasail
14. planets
15. stars
16. comet
17. spaceship
18. moon
19. sun
20. sleet
21. snow
22. hail
23. skyscraper
24. wind
25. fireworks

I am looking forward to this!  I hope that several people were able to send their words in!

Canadian, eh:
This should be fun.   :D

waiting for the first words :)

Okay! Here are the first 3 words!

6.   kite
14. planets
22. hail

Good luck! :smile:


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