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WF 20 Bingo -- WINNER ANNOUNCED !!!!!

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Here are Tuesday's words! I have also posted the Bingo Twist as a separate post.

April :smile:

1.   airplane
19. sun
24. wind

Today, I did not see the sun.

I have 4.  Slow going this time!

my Airplane is flying in the light of the sun, terrific!
I have five words.

Okay! Today I will give an extra word since it is hump day! So here are Wednesday's words. ;D

5.   glider
12. hot air balloon
17. space ship
20. sleet

I have seen hot air balloons over my house many times during the day, but a space ship, only once. (This is actually true-ish, we were able to see some sort of rocket launch trail from our house once.  Just the tiniest bit of light across the sky for a few seconds.)

So I think that is 6 for me. 


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