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Dry Emboss Vellum --- Winner Announced!

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I love the look of embossed vellum and I saw this card where she used stamps to stamp her background and then dry embossed over her stamping to make the image appear on the other side.

You can either use one stamp over and over again stamped onto your vellum background, that is the whole size of your card or you can use a background stamp that you trace, just remember you don't want it to intricate. You can use other stamps on top I used the same stamp as I used for the background but you don't have to.

Here is a link to the tutorial I found.

She mentions going over it twice and I think that made it stand out really nice.  You will want a dark background to put it against also to make it stand out more, but that's up to you, just what I found to look nicer.

When posting use WF20 - Dry embossing.   Please no combining with other challenges.  I will send a goody package to a random drawn participant.

I will post my card in the morning.

What a neat way to use stamps! I see this tutorial is from 2008, but I am not 100% sure I have seen it before.  I will be having fun with this!

When I see an old tutorial like this, I always want to see if the person is still blogging.  I saw her latest post is from 2017, and by then she had switched to quilting.  That is fun too. 

Thank you for hosting Connie!

Canadian, eh:
Thanks for hosting this challenge.  I have never tried this technique before.  Looking forward to diving in--after the hard decision of what stamp to use.

I have not tried this before either. This will be fun!

April :smile:

Here is my example


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