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I just went and checked I have Pearl Ex

Far North:
Connie, sorry you don't have Perfect Pearls.  But know the major difference is Pearl Ex doesn't have a binder in the ingredients which means it will  not stick to the surface of the paper. But here is a videos that will show you what to do.

How To Use Pearl-EX - Not Perfect Pearls" in a slightly different way.


Ok, I had a ball with this one.  I stamped with medium on black card-stock.  Added perfect pearls..  loved them all.  Made cards, lots of them.
I watched videos and did all the things they said to do.  Then I watched Jennifer  and made two cards like she showed, easy and supper fun.
Thank you Jan for having us revisit perfect pearls!
P.s.  those are Tim Holtz stamps, thatís why there a missing spots.

Canadian, eh:
I had fun with Perfect Pearls.  My cards are posted in the gallery

The top card uses the technique where I blended two colours of Distress Ink then brushed PP over top.  My colours, red and green, were chosen because I plan on making Christmas cards ( I made ten of these).   It was a pleasant surprise to see just how much adding PP flawlessly blended the two colours together.  I am very disappointed in the fact that my Distress Inks need re-inking.  Although the background looks pretty it doesn't cry Christmas.  Also, I should have used a snowflake die.

The bottom card technique that I used was found on one of the two videos that were linked (not Jennifer's) and that was to "paint" with PP.  I was very happy with the results.  I am going to turn the three examples I made into Sympathy cards. 

For this technique I heat embossed black on black cardstock.  I used the lids as my palate so I knew which colour was which.  I did find that the PP were pretty thick so I watered them down to allow the PP to flow off of the heat embossed areas.  For my background I blended two colours of PP.

Great challenge!

I am starting to play with this today. I threw out my perfect medium pads, because the foam was disintegrating.  I am substituting my Versamark pad. Of course, that works well for the first technique in the videos where you just stamp and add the PP. 

However, in the Lift Technique, it did not lift very well.  I am wondering if others are also having this result.  My black paper MAY possibly have a coating on it, and I am thinking that might be the issue too.  It still gave an interesting result which I will share later when I am ready to photograph things. 

I also know that I can get around this by NOT putting Versamark direct to paper first (as they do use the Perfect Medium direct-to-paper), I think I will just get a lighter amount of pearl coating. 


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