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I am opening up this challenge to all of you, even those who are not playing BINGO, since we do not have a lot of people playing overall in the fest.

Here is the TWIST challenge --

1.   Go to the WF20 Bingo post challenge and look at the list of 25 words on the first post.
2.   Choose at least 3 words from the list (you can choose more) and make a card using those
      items that you chose.
3.   Please have at least one stamped image on your card, not just a saying.
4.   Post the card in the gallery under Winterfest 2020 with the heading WF20 Bingo Twist and
      post a link to it here on this post so that we will not miss it.
5.   Please tell us the 3 words or more that you chose from the list.
6.   I will be giving an RAK to a randomly chosen winner! Please do not combine this challenge
      with any others.

Have fun! I can't wait to see your cards!

April :smile:

Thank you for the Bingo Twist! 

Thanks for opening up the twist to everyone.  I missed choosing words for BINGO this time around.

I missed putting in my words on one of the other fests, and yes it really was a bummer!

This was fun, the hardest part was choosing which of my many many hot air balloons to use.
I chose the Waffel Flower set because it already had most of the stamps I needed in the size I needed,  but I threw in a couple more.

I used the clouds, airplanes, bird, and of course Hot Air Balloons.

What a fun card, Sheila! Lots of balloons flying along with the bird, planes and clouds. Thanks for doing the challenge!

April :smile:


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