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Zoom meeting supplies 8/26/20 7pm

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Here is the supply list for our zoom meeting on the 26th. I am looking forward to it!

1.  white card stock base cut at 10 x 5.5 -- scored at 4.25, 5 and 5.75
2.  various colors of dye inks, some light, some dark
3.  3 colored card stock strips to match ink colors -- cut at .75 x 3.75
4.  stamp 3 different words or short saying that go together on white card stock (ex.  happy
     birthday, celebrate, enjoy) -- cut these 3 sayings in 3 different strips .5 x 3 (see example
     below) Please do not glue the word strips to the colored strips
5.  Silhouette stamp for front of card.
6.  Dark ink to stamp silhouette stamp.
7.  Any embellishments to complete card.
8.  Several stencils -- some that have more open spaces and a few that have small spaces, like
     dots, stripes, diamonds, etc.
9.  sponges or sponge applicators or blending brushes
10.Tape to hold down stencils

I am showing the card front. There will a fun fold on the inside that will be a surprise.

April :smile:


Thank you, April! Looking forward to it!

sounds like I need to get busy getting supplies around, and I forgot to figure out the zoom, I wrote a note to myself to do that tomorrow, everyone who wants to join in needs to send me their email so I can send you the link :)

Looks and sounds like fun!  Connie, I'll message you.

Far North:
Connie...Is it possible  for you to send 1 Artsy Inker message  to all players to save you time?  Just thinking...Jan


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