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LOTS of stamps and Diamonds wood stamps


I stumbled across a youtube video and oh my goodness!  If you think you have a lot of stamps, take a look.  This man and his grandmother buy "abandoned" storage units.  They found one chock full of someone's rubber stamp collection.  They are pretty clueless as they go through and describe them, but it was still amazing to see all of the wood mount stamps.  Surprisingly it seems she (Grandma Ventures Poshmark) has sold almost all of them.  The only ones I saw still for sale were a collection of Noah's Ark stamps.  It may be that they sold some of them at auction or through another venue.

So, something I've never seen before ... wood mount stamps that have a "diamond" embedded in the image on the front of the stamp.  There were several in the collection.

I did some "google" research and someone on Splitcoast said it is a stamp company that has gone out of business so some of them are considered rare and collectible?  I found just one on Etsy listed for $75.

Has anyone else ever heard of these?  Do you know anything about the company?

Here is a link to the video.
Here is a picture of the Diamonds stamp, called The Waltz.

I have never heard of a stamp that has a diamond on the front, must have been before my time or something, wow I can't imagine paying $75 for a stamp, off to watch the video!

I have not heard of the diamond thing!  That was a good idea to set them apart. I think I may have heard of the storage unit full of stamps before!  That is something else!

The cost of those stamps is just silly.  They would have used  industrial diamonds .  Which cost very very little.
When I worked jewelry repair the diamond chips were pennys, the cost was the labor for the  jeweler  To put them in.  And sticking them in wood would be cheap and easy.
I am sure the price has more to do with it being rare and the hope that the price will go up enough to make a profit.

I have no idea if the "diamond" is real.  I assumed it was not. 
You're right Sheila, the price is crazy! 

We are all stampers/collectors and I don't know that any of us had heard of that brand before.  So who would they sell to for that price?

Collectibles in general seem to be less valuable than years ago.


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