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Online Card Classes - Holiday Card Workshop 2021. Starts Nov. 1st

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If you need more inspiration for holiday cards you might consider this class.

$25 for 12 video lessons

Videos released every day for 12 days starting Nov. 1st, but you can watch any time.
Taught by Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire and a slew of guest artists.  You can see the list if you click on the link above.

I know I should just make cards instead of watching videos, but I think I will get $2 worth of enjoyment and hopefully ideas out of each video.

Talked me into it.  lol. 

I know I don't have the supplies that they will be using, but it will be fun to watch the videos.  I do have some Christmas card parts that I've been working on.  I just need to make cards with them.   


Yay, Daria!

Any other takers?  (I don't get a commission, really!)

No, we won't have all the new supplies they will probably use, but we have ink and stamps and stencils and dies ... it will be fun to see what we can do with what we have.

I have never taken an on line class, do you get access to the video's forever or just for a short time?


You get access to the classes as long as Online Card Classes is in business.  The content is housed on their website.  I have a class from 2011 and another from 2016 and I checked and I can still access them.

It's co-owned by Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire.

You can go back and take old classes, or watch the new one when it is convenient for you.  I think it will be more fun to take this, current class when it's "live" as people will be chatting and posting in the gallery.  Not actually "live" as in a FB Live, or Youtube Live where you can comment as the video is running.  I believe I read that a new video will be posted each day around 9am. 

Justine Hovey is also doing a class.  Her's is free.  If you join via her website you get some extra freebies. 


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