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Christmas All Year - April 2022

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Looking at fest challenges today and the thought occurred to me that book paper, or hymnal/music paper might be fun to use on a Christmas card.  So, this month's prompts are :

Book/Hymnal/Music Paper


It's always fun to work a Christmas card into one of the fest challenges. 
Happy Christmas card making!

I think I have some of those papers I could use :)

Canadian, eh:
Can I use pattern scrapbook paper with music notes or a Christmas stamp with music?  If I'm interpretting this correctly, I would be better off using scrapbooking paper--which is just fine by me.

Beth that is what I was going to use is Scrapbook papers I have with music notes  ;)

Connie and Beth, sure you can use scrapbook paper with music or words printed on it.  I had actual book pages or music in mind when I thought of the challenge but then I also found digital images of music pages that can be printed.  Scrapbook paper is fine!  Use it if you have it. 

Sorry it took me a few days to notice and answer your question!


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