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Christmas All Year - May 2022

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Time flies!  Happy May Day!

I have two prompts for you.  You can use one or both or none, but please link the Christmas cards you make this month.

1.  GOLD - use gold on your card, as much or as little as you like.  Gold splatters are always pretty.
                           You can use gold ink, gold paint, gold embossing powder, gold paste, gold foil, gold paper, etc ...

2.  STENCIL - use a stencil on your project.

I know, Connie, you just used a stencil technique last month!  Want to do it again? 

Maybe combine prompts and run some sort of gold product through a stencil?

Looking forward to seeing your Christmas creations!

Thanks for the prompt! There are a lot of gold choices to make and I love stencils!

April :smile:

sounds good

I just wanted to say that I m sorry I cant comment on all the cards in the gallery from last month!  They are so pretty!  Hopefully the glitch with the gallery will resolve soon!

Hmmm, I haven't had trouble in the gallery I don't think? 
I get an error message when I use the message feature, but the messages are still going through.

I assume you're logged in, otherwise I don't think you could start a new thread.  Occasionally I find myself logged out and wonder why I can't comment!

I think I've already commented on everything in the gallery so I don't know if I can test it out.


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