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Christmas All Year - June 2022

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Summer is almost here, though it's not official yet, the weather is getting toasty.

Here are your challenges for June, should you wish to use them, 1 or both or neither!
1.  Use a flower or botanical theme.  I'm thinking poinsettias or holly but I'm sure there are others.
2.  Use a colored card base.  Probably not practical when you're making many multiples, but a nice change on one of a kind cards.
I guess since the gallery is still not working you can include a picture of your card right in this thread. 
Have fun!

here are my 5 cards. I used botanicals and colored card bases on all the cards. Thanks for the prompt. I wanted to hurry up and make all my cards so I could clean up!

April :smile:

P.S.  The red on the ornament on the 3rd card is a reflection from my red shirt! looks like a smudge.

It will only let you post 4 pictures per post so here is my last one.


Your cards are lovely April! I especially like the last one that is embossed!

April, they are all so pretty!  I am really missing the gallery now. 

The snowman fits in that forest of trees so perfectly!

I love the pearls in the snowflake background in the second card and the pretty gold trim and ornaments in the third. Thanks for explaining the "smudge" ha! 

Such a cute leaping reindeer and scallop border in the fourth card.

That poinsettia die is one I probably wouldn't buy, thinking "how would I color it?", but it is so elegant the way you've used it that now I probably do want it!

Thanks so much for using the prompts and linking your cards! 


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