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Winter Holiday Cards in July Challenge Ė 2022

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Well, itís time to get those Christmas cards going if you havenít already made a bunch.  Iíve been stitching to keep myself sane the past couple of months so I have a lot of backgrounds ready to go.  Iím hoping to turn many of them into Christmas cards this month.

You guys made a ton of Christmas cards in July last year so, hopefully, this will be another productive month.  Last year, the cards ended up in two files, Christmas in July and Christmas All Year 2021.  This year, we have just one album for this challenge, and Sadie has already set it up for us. 

If you looking for inspiration, check out Cindiís past Christmas All Year threads; she posts an optional theme each month that you can use if it inspires you.

The Challenge:
You have a full month--July 1 through July 31--to post your entries.  Please post your cards in the Winter Holiday Cards in July 2022 album and link your cards to this Discussion Thread.  The challenge ends on July 31 at 11:59 pm your time.  If they are in the right album when I check the morning of August 1, they will count.

Remember you must enter only new cards--nothing you posted prior to July 1, the first day of the challenge.  If you have a special technique you'd like to use that does not include stamping, your card will still count.  It would be nice to combine stamping with other techniques, but sometimes that isn't feasible, and I want your cards to be something you will love.  Therefore, your paste-embossed, embroidered, stenciled, Iris folded, die-cut, etc. cards are welcome.

1. Complete the tasks as described in this challenge.

2. When you post your card in the gallery, please label it with the name of the appropriate holiday and add the words "in July." For example, Christmas in July, Hanukkah in July, Kwanzaa in July, etc.

3. When you post your project in the gallery, please describe it. Tell how you made it and what you used.  Some information that you could share:
Card Size:
Inks/Coloring Medium:

Next, come back to this Discussion Thread to link your post here and to tell us how it wentótips to help us or advice so we can avoid or fix problems.

There will be a prize awarded at the end of the challenge.  Your name will go into the hat once for every card you post in the gallery and link to the discussion thread. OK. I already know that the next question is do I get my name in the hat 10 times if I make 10 of the same card. I'll say you can get your name in the hat up to three times for multiples of the same design. Fair enough? There's no limit to the number of different cards you can post. You'll get credit for each different card.

I hope you'll join us and begin making your December holiday cards.  I love seeing the cards you post every year.  Hopefully, we can inspire and motivate each other.  Don't forget to have fun!


ETA:  Signing into the gallery is really super easy.  Just click on "Register" which is next to the "log-in" tab.  Follow the directions.

I clicked on "Remember Me," but you don't have to if you don't mind logging in each time you go there.  When I registered, it said I'd get an email and I just needed to click on the link there to be able to log in.  Cindi told me she got that email; I never did.  However, I was able to log in a few hours later.  Maybe Sadie worked some magic behind the scenes?  Give it a try.


Thanks for hosting Daria, sounds great!

Hi, Connie.
I always love seeing all the cards that get posted to this challenge.   I sure hope I get some cards made this month too. 


Iím so glad we are doing this challenge again this year! I have not made many Christmas cards this year yet. I need to get out my supplies and decide where to start! 

Also, I cannot believe it is July already!!!!

Thank you for the challenge, Daria!!!

I meant to post this card for the June challenge but forgot so I am starting the month off with this card.  The base was cut from pattern paper, Cindi's option for June was to use colored cardstock but I kept thinking we have so many pattern papers that are quite thick, that could be used for a card base and we can use up more of our 12x12 papers too, so that is what I used. 
The berries are a layered stamp set from the Greetery, I did have trouble lining up those little berries but the rest went pretty well, I just stamped two on top of one another, the jar is a stamp from another company.  After finishing it and going to find a sentiment, I thought you know this could go for a winter birthday card too, so that is why I used the sentiment I went with, figured it could go either way depending on what I need at the time :)


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