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This summer I have been traveling a lot and have not had the mojo or the time to scrapbook/stamp like I usually do. I have been doing my own thing with project life and love incorporating my stamps. It has given me a ton of new ways to use them- including the sentiments. I also like the portability of this project.  I know I most of you concentrate more on the stamping than the scrapping but this in between world makes me really happy right now. 

I haven't dabbled in project life, I used to scrapbook and I used stamping a lot on my layouts. I really like the concept of project life. I have a friend who does it except she does monthly ones. Elisejoy is a blogger who use stamping quite a bit on her project life.
I hope you'll be able to share your layouts  with us, Neysa!
It's something I've considered getting into. In some ways I miss scrapbooking. I take 100s of pics of my boys and I feel guilty I don't do much with them.

I don't do project life per say but I use the project life pages in my regular scrapbooks for extra pictures.  Sometimes I decorate the inserts and sometimes I just put them together with very little decoration but with journaling on the cards.  I find that it makes sense for me to use the project life inserts so I am not doing 15 pages on one subject or holiday.  I like the way it all blends together in my scrapbooks. 

I use all my stamps in my scrapbooking and project life pages.  You can make cards to go into the inserts in 4 x 6 or 3 x 4.  I make actual cards sometimes and use them like project life cards.  It has been working for me for about 3 years now.  I also use smashbooks for traveling.  I just smash receipts and small pictures in as we go.  And sometimes when we get home I actually have a detailed book of our travels.  I like that I can pull it out and write when we left in the morning and where we went during the day as we go instead of making notes and then transcribing them into a scrapbook page when we get home.

I am really enjoying all the different ways to scrapbook that are available now. 

In the fall, I think I am going to try to make a point to get my photos printed out, and then put them in albums like I used to.  Maybe I will decorate some parts to include stamping, although this isn't exactly project life, since I will use 4x6 albums, I think it could be fun.  I miss having my photos in albums to flip through.  And my kids have never done it!  I think they will like to.

Good tips, Sadie!

I like the idea of doing project life style lo's for holidays and such.

Heidi, my oldest came across one of my old scrapbook albums recently and was enamored with it. Then asked where his pictures were. Talk about mommy guilt! I'm going to get some started in albums too. I started last year printing photos. I find that the hardest part!


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