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Title: Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate
Post by: Iring on May 14, 2020, 05:55:47 PM
Do you have a Chrome Precision base plate?  I didn't even know it existed!  I had an older precision base plate that is black and looks a bit like slate. I thought that was about as good as it gets, but I still had dies that gave me fits.

I watched Tim Holtz's FB live on Sizzix tips and tricks and he mentioned this chrome plate.  It' wonderful!  I tried it on two detailed card front dies that used to give me trouble, and it worked wonderfully.  I also tried a doily die, woo hoo!  Pieces just falling out, yay.  It is very reflective chrome and somehow it doesn't scratch or dent when you cut in to it.  It replaces the bottom cutting pad.  I had one wreath die that was given to me that I threw away today.  I'm almost positive it was one of those cheap knock offs.  No manner of shim would get the whole thing to cut.  Happy to avoid the frustration and get it out of here.

Here ( is the card I made, with relative ease.  I have to admit, I watched Jen Long demo for Sizzix and she put adhesive tape all over the back of the paper before she cut.  She just ripped the adhesive liner off, most pieces came away with the liner, and she stuck her die down.  Not so much with this one!  Lots of the tiny pieces that would normally fall out, stuck to the exposed adhesive on the back.  It may have been faster to just glue it ... or I should avoid Jen's technique and poke out all the pieces FIRST, and then pull away the liner.  Just a tip ;) at least with detail dies like this one.

Here ( is a link to Tim's video, it's long.  He starts to talk about the chrome plate for detailed dies at about 30 minutes in.  I bought my chrome plate at Hobby Lobby and it came to about $14.99 with a 40% off coupon.

Let me know what you think ...
Have you found any other cool tools lately?
Title: Re: Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate
Post by: Conniecrafter on May 15, 2020, 08:12:33 PM
I have the old spellbinder calibur, the cuttlebug and now I use the Gemini, I have been able to cut all my intricate dies with the Gemini without any extra plates, just the other day I tried to cut some felt and I did need to add the metal shim and then it worked.  So I have never used the Sizzix machine
Title: Re: Sizzix Chrome Precision Base Plate
Post by: Iring on May 16, 2020, 01:51:10 PM
That's great that your Gemini cut felt!  I guess you don't need a precision base plate!

I have only ever had Sizzix products, from the old, heavy red Sizzix press, to the Big Kick, and recently bought a little Tim Holtz Side Kick.