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Has any one bought some of the layering stencils that are out there?  I have seen lots of them on u-tube.
I found a small set at Tuesday Mornings.  It was fun.  First one wasn’t quite the correct colors, but I nailed it the second time. When I turned it into cards, I realized how big the flower really was.  Should have usebigger cardstock and made a larger card.

I have some VERY old layering stencils that I should get out and try again. I love your flower.

Your sunflower stencils are really nice, Sheila!

I can't think of any layering stencils in my stash ... I have a few shifter stencils, Tim Holtz and I think the other is Altenew.  I'll have to take another look at my stencils.

Unfortunately our Tuesday Morning moved out.  The closest one is about 35-40 minutes away and it's not as nice as the one that was close by.

My layering stencils are from The Greetery, she marks them really easily so there is no problem lining them up, your flowers are so pretty!

I have a couple and I love them. Your cards are very pretty, Sheila.

April :smile:


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