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New Fest Date. - August 28 - September 5

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Hi Everyone.  In our zoom calls and on the General Chat, we have been talking about timing for a long overdue Stamping Fest.  We are thinking end of August or September.

What do you think?  Please put any availability conflicts or ideas on this thread.  I hope all or most of us will be able to participate. 

we will probably be going on vacation sometime in September but I am thinking toward the middle to end so I should be good :)

Far North:
No plans for traveling this summer/or fall...A fest would be fun!...Jan 
O-O plans change a family member died we will be in GA in October.

Jan, sorry you lost a family member. 

September is good for us as far as I know, especially early on.  Late August good too.

Jan, I am sorry for your loss.

Late August and September continue to be good for me.


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